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The goal of BurnMan is to calculate seismic velocity profiles for a given mineral composition, geotherm, EoS, and averaging scheme. These calculated seismic velocity profiles can then be compared (either graphically or quantitatively) to profiles computed for other compositions or constrained by seismology. It is written in the Python language and is run from the command line. This allows the library to be incorporated into other projects. BurnMan makes extensive use of SciPy and NumPy, which are widely used Python libraries for scientific computation. Matplotlib is used to display results and produce publication quality figures. The computations are consistently done in SI units, although for this paper we convert units for plotting purposes. A large collection of annotated examples on the usage of BurnMan are provided. Scripts to reproduce the figures in this paper are included in the toolbox. We are happy to accept contributions in form of corrections, examples, or new features.

The figure above shows each of the various steps in BurnMan and the input required at each step. The user sets the composition and temperature and pressure profiles. At later steps, the user can pick from several existing methodologies or supply an alternative implementation. This makes BurnMan very extensible and allows for many combinations and configurations with which to run calculations. Eventually, one can choose or provide a seismic model for comparison.

This flow setup can be used to evaluate the isotropic seismic velocities in a geodynamic model or as the forward problem when inverting seismic profiles or seismic velocity variations for mineralogical compositions and temperature. The modular components of BurnMan can also be used separately or combined in different ways than shown in the figure above. For example, one can input experimental results at certain pressures and temperatures and fit reference elastic moduli for a specific EoS. Additionally, one can implement their own alternatives for each of the existing modules. BurnMan has the potential to expand to other planetary applications. While all the features are modular, everything is available in a single library.

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